Assortative Mating or This Took A Lot Longer in “The Time Machine”

[Artists Rendition of Bill Gates’s grandson]

Modeled Behavior is concerned that American society is on the cusp of facing an unprecedented upheavel…

“For the record, I think assortative mating and social stratification based on a host of income related personality traits – height, intelligence, beauty, gregariousness, grit –  is a serious issue that no society has had to face in the same way that the US will face it over the next 40 years.”

Leaving aside gregariousness and beauty as “income” related character traits, wealthy people pairing off isn’t really a new concept, and its certainly not specific to the United States. 

Cue RA citing Gattaca to support this notion in 5…4…3…2…


About Connie Stinson

Connie Stinson is a lawyer/talk show host who dabbles in the arts of strained analogies, forced humor, and poor spelling. In his spare time Mr. Stinson enjoys charcoal BBQ, as well as any and all things related to humor. He is currently working on his second book, "Look at You, You're a Mountain: A Retrospective On Hogs and the Men Who Love Them."
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