Ken Buck Loves God, Hates Women

It’s very possible this guy is going to win the Colorado Senate seat.

Ken Buck On Separation Of Church And State

Ken Buck On Rape

I heard an interview with Ken Buck on NPR recently, and he did not back off his decision to not prosecute one bit.  Obviously there may be more to the story tending to legitimize his decision; but if so, why hasn’t Buck fought back at all, considering that is has become a legitimate issue in Colorado?  I’m definitely bugged by this, taken in combination with some other Buck actions mentioned in the article.

In the same interview, Buck was asked for his thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  He was fairly noncommittal in his response, saying he’d like to see what the highly anticipated report would show.  The interviewer then asked Buck whether he would favor repeal if the report showed that repealing the policy would not negatively impact the armed forces.  Buck said he would “certainly look at that” but said that there were obviously “other factors” at play.  The interviewer poignantly asked the obvious question: what other factors?  Buck said he did not know what the other factors were, and left it at that.  Interesting.


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The son of a Thuggee priest, Mola Ram emigrated from Philadelphia, PA, to Denver, CO, in search of three Sankara Stones. With two already in his possession, Ram believed all five would empower the Thuggee to destroy their Republican persecutors and establish his god Kali's reign on Earth. In Denver, he found a powerful ally in Chattar Lal, the Mayor of Denver. Ram poisoned Colorado governor, Maharajah Premjit Singh in 2009 and with Lal's help, subdued the heir: Premjit's young son, Zalim. The pair restored the palace's long-neglected Kali temple; and set up a mining operation beneath the palace, with the intent of locating the remaining stones. After stealing one of the stones — known as the Shiva Linga — from the village of Lakewood, in 2009 Mola Ram's plans were thrown into disarray by the American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his companions Willie Scott and Short Round. The trio freed the village children Ram had enslaved as miners, and stole the three stones in the high priest's possession. Mola Ram and his followers pursued the group to a rope bridge, where Jones cut the ropes, sending most of the Thuggee warriors to their deaths in the crocodile-infested river below. Mola Ram clung to the remnants of the bridge, however, and continued his battle against Jones. During the struggle, Jones' invocation of Shiva caused the stones to glow red hot. The move caught Ram off guard; he fell into the river but narrowly escaped being torn to shreds by the crocodiles. Today, Mola Ram continues to live in Denver and makes his living as a high school teacher. His interests include law, history, anthropology, sports, and live heart removal.
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2 Responses to Ken Buck Loves God, Hates Women

  1. Not sure where to begin with this. Regarding the rape case, I mean, the guy admitted that she said no on several ocassions, and that’s not enough for him?

    Separation of Church and State. This is an interesting one that keeps cropping up, clearly a Tea Party talking point between him, Angle and O’Donnell. I think it would make a good book club book to find something that walks through this topic. History/Legal Precedent/etc.

    • Mola Ram says:

      The rape case speaks for itself. The fact that he calls it a “nonstory” makes it even worse– I’ve read and heard plenty about it and it certainly seems like he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, not to mention the other evidence of his chauvinism. My airwaves are FILLED with female actors urging me not to vote for Kenny.

      I quickly read the wikipedia page on separation of church and state today and while obviously I know that’s not a complete and unbiased source on the subject, the arguments against it seem to claim not much more that the only basis for the numerous affirmations of SOCAS is anti-Catholic bias. I know I know… Only wikipedia. Definitely worth following up with some more legitimate sources.

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