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I love you. I really need to take an extended road trip through the South. Back roads, diners, local bars. Screw the interstate, I want to see the real, unsanitized America that’s still out there. Advertisements

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Security Theatre – Breast Milk Edition

And it just gets more and more ridiculous…

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Mafiamerica (a Mola orginal… a Molariginal if you will)

Imagine an America without jazz.  Imagine an America in which alcohol is still illegal.  Imagine an America without Broadway, Las Vegas, or Hollywood.  Imagine an America with no racial integration or freedom to be gay in public.  In this article, … Continue reading

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Random Helpful Internet Technology

Ever feel like Netflix keeps adding movies to its online database, but its recommendation engine can’t keep up? You didn’t realize that “Big Lebowski” had been added because it keeps suggesting that you watch “World’s Greatest Dad?” I think this … Continue reading

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Republican Thought of the Day – Redistricting

Republicans are excited about the long game, as their mid-term sweep has led to major gains in state houses across the country. The obvious reason these wins are important is that 44 states will start redrawing their Congressional districts next … Continue reading

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Cool Bacterium of the Day

Bacteria would be something that would be really cool to investigate.  For example, if you took a colony of a million of Deinococcus radiodurans.  Put them in conditions where the temperature is -79 degrees and zap them with gamma rays equivalent … Continue reading

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“…words and meaning have almost parted company.” – George Orwell

I thought of this critique by Orwell when reading the following statement by An Ohio State Universities president E. Gordon Gee on the academic record of his football team: He said Ohio State’s eighth-ranked football team, which plays rival Michigan on … Continue reading

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