Dick Morris

I always waver between “Dick Morris is an asshole, but he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to political races” and “Dick Morris is an asshole who talks a lot about political races, but doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

For posterity, we’ll save him comments on whether Christine O’Donnell will actually be winning the Delaware race, something that simply no one is predicting. 

“Dick Morris (on Hannity now): “I would not write off #CTsen & #DEsen. The turnout models… are beyond my wildest dreams.”

And yes, this is on Christine O’Donnell a post after trashing continual coverage of her, but really, this is about Dick Morris.


About Connie Stinson

Connie Stinson is a lawyer/talk show host who dabbles in the arts of strained analogies, forced humor, and poor spelling. In his spare time Mr. Stinson enjoys charcoal BBQ, as well as any and all things related to humor. He is currently working on his second book, "Look at You, You're a Mountain: A Retrospective On Hogs and the Men Who Love Them."
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