Penny Foolish

A local Dunkin’ Donuts decision to stop accepting pennies has been making the rounds.  While I don’t expect a national movement, it does bring up the question.  Why on earth do we still have pennies?  They cost more to produce than they are worth.  For many people, the opportunity cost of picking one up is greater than the value of the penny itself.

Can it really just be the zinc lobby?  Would Americans actually be devastated to see the penny go? 

At the very least, its a good excuse to post this article from the New Yorker on the topic.  Thought it was great. 


About Connie Stinson

Connie Stinson is a lawyer/talk show host who dabbles in the arts of strained analogies, forced humor, and poor spelling. In his spare time Mr. Stinson enjoys charcoal BBQ, as well as any and all things related to humor. He is currently working on his second book, "Look at You, You're a Mountain: A Retrospective On Hogs and the Men Who Love Them."
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One Response to Penny Foolish

  1. Mola Ram says:

    Pennies make me laugh. They are sooooo worthless! I’ll check out that New Yorker article when I get some time. So friggin’ swamped.

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