Merry Sunday!

Sorry for light blogging, but busy at work pre-holiday.  My self imposed hiatus can only be broken for really big news, and this is really big news.  Daniel Day Lewis…new movie…Abraham Lincoln biography.  Go ahead and combine my favorite actor with my favorite historical figure Stephen Speilburg, if you turn this into an overly sappy ridiculous mess like Amistad I will never forgive you. 

I’ll be camping out in a stove pipe hat screaming I’m Finished!!!


About Connie Stinson

Connie Stinson is a lawyer/talk show host who dabbles in the arts of strained analogies, forced humor, and poor spelling. In his spare time Mr. Stinson enjoys charcoal BBQ, as well as any and all things related to humor. He is currently working on his second book, "Look at You, You're a Mountain: A Retrospective On Hogs and the Men Who Love Them."
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One Response to Merry Sunday!

  1. Mola Ram says:

    WOW this is big news. DDL is also my favorite actor. Can’t wait.

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