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Phizer Is The Devil

Did Phizer Bribe Its Way Out Of Criminal Charges In Nigeria? Advertisements

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What Makes A Song Sad?

Interesting piece on what makes music sound sad; in terms of minor vs. major keys.  I tend to downplay the effect of lyrics in assessing whether a song sounds happy or sad; but I realize I pay a little less … Continue reading

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Grinch Alert

Dallas Baptist Church Pastor Starts “Grinch Alert” To Shame Businesses Not Celebrating Christmas The Website: Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) kicked this year’s War on Christmas into high gear last week when he announced that he wouldn’t participate in Tulsa’s … Continue reading

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Pat Forde Reports, You Decide

The media was understandably surprised by Urban Meyer’s abrupt resignation from the University of Florida yesterday, and I don’t think anyone took it worse than Pat Forde.  Taking a page out of the Fox News playbook, Forde couches his completely baseless … Continue reading

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Deep Blue Sea 2 – Blood Red Sea

  Stealing a play book from the American birther movement, Egyptian officials could neither confirm or deny that Mossad had dropped blood thirsty man eating sharks into the Red Sea to terrorize Egyptian tourists. “What is being said about the … Continue reading

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Today in Horrible Newspaper Editing

Impressive what  NY Post editors will let through.  In an article titled “Best of the Bowl Offerings”, Lenn Robbins provides us with “an early look at the most intriguing games.” To my surprise, Boston College in the Kraft Fight Hunger … Continue reading

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Delusional Thought of the Day

Stephan Walt has made a career off advocating a controversial idea; namely, that the “Israel lobby” has a disproportionate influence on American foreign policy in comparison to Israel’s strategic importance to the United States.  Since he represents a small minority … Continue reading

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