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About Mola Ram

The son of a Thuggee priest, Mola Ram emigrated from Philadelphia, PA, to Denver, CO, in search of three Sankara Stones. With two already in his possession, Ram believed all five would empower the Thuggee to destroy their Republican persecutors and establish his god Kali's reign on Earth. In Denver, he found a powerful ally in Chattar Lal, the Mayor of Denver. Ram poisoned Colorado governor, Maharajah Premjit Singh in 2009 and with Lal's help, subdued the heir: Premjit's young son, Zalim. The pair restored the palace's long-neglected Kali temple; and set up a mining operation beneath the palace, with the intent of locating the remaining stones. After stealing one of the stones — known as the Shiva Linga — from the village of Lakewood, in 2009 Mola Ram's plans were thrown into disarray by the American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his companions Willie Scott and Short Round. The trio freed the village children Ram had enslaved as miners, and stole the three stones in the high priest's possession. Mola Ram and his followers pursued the group to a rope bridge, where Jones cut the ropes, sending most of the Thuggee warriors to their deaths in the crocodile-infested river below. Mola Ram clung to the remnants of the bridge, however, and continued his battle against Jones. During the struggle, Jones' invocation of Shiva caused the stones to glow red hot. The move caught Ram off guard; he fell into the river but narrowly escaped being torn to shreds by the crocodiles. Today, Mola Ram continues to live in Denver and makes his living as a high school teacher. His interests include law, history, anthropology, sports, and live heart removal.

The Sporting Spirit or Tribal Warfare?

George Orwell called sport “gunless warfare.”  The author of this article disagrees, claiming that sport is artistic enterprise. Advertisements

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Phizer Is The Devil

Did Phizer Bribe Its Way Out Of Criminal Charges In Nigeria?

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What Makes A Song Sad?

Interesting piece on what makes music sound sad; in terms of minor vs. major keys.  I tend to downplay the effect of lyrics in assessing whether a song sounds happy or sad; but I realize I pay a little less … Continue reading

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Grinch Alert

Dallas Baptist Church Pastor Starts “Grinch Alert” To Shame Businesses Not Celebrating Christmas The Website: Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) kicked this year’s War on Christmas into high gear last week when he announced that he wouldn’t participate in Tulsa’s … Continue reading

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Mafiamerica (a Mola orginal… a Molariginal if you will)

Imagine an America without jazz.  Imagine an America in which alcohol is still illegal.  Imagine an America without Broadway, Las Vegas, or Hollywood.  Imagine an America with no racial integration or freedom to be gay in public.  In this article, … Continue reading

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Security Theater

A great rant on the shortcomings of the TSA and the state of airport security.  Contains plenty of links to shocking transgressions. I really enjoyed the name and slogan of the blog too.  AND his name is Ken.. ha. In … Continue reading

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How Did Humans Outlast Neanderthals?

Tanya Smith, a Harvard anthropologist, hypothesizes that humans continued to evolve while Neanderthals died out because humans grow more slowly.  The faster growth and development did give Neanderthals an advantage– in an extremely harsh world, developing faster meant a greater … Continue reading

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