Deep Blue Sea 2 – Blood Red Sea

Stealing a play book from the American birther movement, Egyptian officials could neither confirm or deny that Mossad had dropped blood thirsty man eating sharks into the Red Sea to terrorize Egyptian tourists.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news site

We’ll be waiting with baited breath for confirmation. 

H/T Jeffrey Goldberg

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Today in Horrible Newspaper Editing

Impressive what  NY Post editors will let through.  In an article titled “Best of the Bowl Offerings”, Lenn Robbins provides us with “an early look at the most intriguing games.”

To my surprise, Boston College in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl was #2 on his list.  While Mr. Robbins only had a sentence to capture the essence of the game, he knocks it out of the park with a summary that will drive millions to their TV sets on January 9. 

Eagles have one of the nation’s worst offenses, Wolf Pack has one of the best. 

 Well done sir.  But Mr. Robbins is just getting started.  Only two paragraphs later he provides the following gem:

Gator, Jacksonville, Fla. (Jan. 1), Michigan (7-5) vs. Tennessee (6-6): Rich Rodriguez wants to continue to be a Michigan Man. He can’t lose to the Vols.

Since Michigan is playing Mississippi State, Rich Rod’s job should be safe.  The article does handily point out that “matchups may change” due to late breaking developments.  However, this was posted at 2am today and all matchups were set at 9pm last night, so that cover doesn’t really fly.  Anyway,  I point this out more as an example of declining editing standards at major publications due to cut backs than anything else.

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Delusional Thought of the Day

Stephan Walt has made a career off advocating a controversial idea; namely, that the “Israel lobby” has a disproportionate influence on American foreign policy in comparison to Israel’s strategic importance to the United States.  Since he represents a small minority in Washington political circles, it must be difficult to constantly defend oneself; the desire to trade in hyperbole must be strong.  And it is for that reason that I forgive what might be the most ridiculous thing that I’ve read in a while:

Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states have no meaningful lobby in Washington, which is why their repeated requests that the United States do something to end Israel’s illegal occupation and harsh treatment of the Palestinians have fallen on deaf ears for decades.

Surely he knows that this is a demonstrably false statement.

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Boston College Basketball P/Review – Josh Southern

After offseason surgery, Josh Southern enters his second game of the season against Texas A&M and receives the ball in the low post.  He immediately passes out to a shooter in the corner.  ESPN’s color commentator chuckles and says “here is a man who never looks for his shot.  Ok hands and a big body that will provide some depth and size in the middle, but a very limited big man.  You’ll see him immediately look to pass if he happens to touch the ball.”*  Late in the game Josh Southern rips down a rebound and puts it back up for a layup.  In an empty arena on Thanksgiving, the *slap* of the ball as he pulls it down is audible on TV and seems to startle the announcers.  In a derisive tone generally reserved for walk-ons who hit meaningless threes in garbage time, the commentator shouts “Josh Southern rips down a rebound and puts it back with authority!  How about Southern getting involved in the offense.”* 

Four years earlier, in the summer of 2006, Josh Southern was one of the hottest recruits in the country. Continue reading

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Far Less Gross Sweaty Hog Flesh Than I Would Have Anticipated…

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Boston College Basketball Preview

But surely you can’t write a preview 7 games into the season? I wouldn’t have thought so either and yet here we are.

This is going to have to be broken into several parts as its ended up being a book. 

Part I – Rich Rod East:  From the Flex to the Motion

Coming into this season, my biggest fear was that Boston College had just hired Rich Rodriguez.  A good coach, but so completely mismatched for the program that he was inheriting that there was a chance he’d sink the program before ever getting the chance to remodel it in his image.  At Michigan, you can take this chance, because in the end you are Michigan, the talent is always there and if Rich Rod fails you just bring in Jim Harbaugh.  Boston College is not Michigan, most young kids don’t dream of playing for Boston College, so if RichRod fails at BC, recruits may write it off completely and it could take a generation to become relevent again.      Continue reading

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Connie’s Musical Thoughts of the Day – The 1960s

For your listening enjoyment, two bands that were ahead of their time, The Velvet Underground and Love.   Lou Reed is someone that I need to listen to more.  As for Love, just a random 60s band that I think is underappreciated.

RA Dickey, I think you ought to post some songs on here from time to time so we can tap into the indy New York scene that you have access to:

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